SCHWALBE ADDIX - grāvējs vai tievā sārtā svītriņa stilam?


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    Guntaro wrote

    Svītra pēc 2mēnešu lietošanas izdziest,

Ir pieredze, jeb tikai pieņēmums?
Jo , piemēram, šīm nekas nenodilst.



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Rites pretestības tests ar mazliet skandaloziem secinājumiem: … speed-2017
(Protams, jautājums, cik tas atkarīgs no pašiem testa veicējiem un konkrētās riepas.)


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Some more info for avid readers:

Because these tires didn't perform as promised, I bought some more Addix tires (over a 3 month period, from different shops and countries) and retested everything up to 3 times. All tires with the Addix Speed compound performed very similarly to the one above. Also, many tires seem to be way over weight with some tires even coming in close to 100 grams heavier than specified.

There was one exception of a Rocket Ron LiteSkin with Addix Speed compound that did offer the promised 10% reduction in rolling resistance. This makes me come to the conclusion that Schwalbe is still ironing out production issues with these new compounds.

November is going to be "Addix month" with more reviews of the other Addix tires coming (SnakeSkin, SpeedGrip compound, Rocket Ron)